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Concrete Barriers come in various lengths and weights.

Concrete Barriers come in various lengths and weights. Thus, we carry several different sizes of barrier clamps (or barrier lifts, barrier tongs) designed specifically for lifting and setting concrete barriers in place. The most popular clamp that is used for the vast majority of concrete barriers is the Kenco 9000. As the name implies it can safely lift concrete barriers that weigh up to 9,000 lbs. Since most of the concrete barriers in the United States are 10′ , 12′ or 12.5′ long and weigh in between 4,000 and 5,500 lbs, this clamp is ideal for most projects. The Kenco 9000 can easily handle concrete barriers with a neck thickness ranging between 6 inches and 12 inches.

Why we prefer the Kenco Barrier Clamp KL 9000:

Features: The Kenco automatic barrier clamps will lift, move, and place everything from curbing to large barrier walls without using additional hydraulics to operate. Also widely known as the “Ken- lift,” the scissor action of this barrier clamp will grip concrete barriers, concrete block,concrete wall, and curbs securely. By using the force of gravity, the automatic actuators cause the Kenco barrier clamp to tighten securely against the wall surface. The automatic actuators reduce the number of personnel needed to move barriers, and it’s safer!

Barrier Clamps

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